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2022+ Tundra Rear Differential Breather Relocation Kit

2022+ Tundra Rear Differential Breather Relocation Kit

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Compatible with 2022, 2023, 2024 Tundras, Crewmax and Double cab, short bed and long bed, Hybrid and Non-Hybrid. 

This kit relocates the Rear Differential Breather from the top of the Axle to behind the Drivers Side Tail Light.

The stock Rear Differential is commonly below the water line for any water crossings, mud holes, or even when backing a boat into a lake on the loading ramp.

The sudden temperature change from a hot differential going into colder water can cause a vacuum effect with the differential breather to the point it can suck in not on only water but debris.

The stock differential breather location is also prone to being clogged up with mud/debris when off-roading.

Both of these things can cause premature failure of the Differential due to the differential fluid being contaminated with things that aren’t supposed to be there and inadequate breathing of the rear differential. 

Keep your Rear Differential clean and operating as intended with this kit  

This kit provides up to 10 Feet of line to relocate the differential breather up behind the drivers side tail light or to wherever you’d like it to go. 

Kit Components Include;

  • 10 Feet of Fuel Line (Reinforced Rubber)
  • 2 Hose Clamps (Black Stainless Steel)
  • Differential Plug (Toyota OEM Part)
  • Breather Plug (Toyota OEM Part)




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