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2022+ Tundra Rear Debris Shields

2022+ Tundra Rear Debris Shields

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For the 2022+ Tundra Wheel Wells, these Debris Shields are intended to fill the void between the wheel well and the frame in the rear of the truck.

These debris shields are a 2 piece design made of a medium-hard, but flexible, rubber with oil, chemical, and weather resistant properties, riveted to an aluminum backing plate for increase rigidity. Held in place on the vehicle with two brackets the user bolts to OEM mounting locations. 

The all black design retains an OEM seamless look.  

This Shielding fills in the void between the wheel well and the underbody of the bed between the frame and the bottom of the bed. The lack of any OEM parts here allow for mud, water, road grime, and all other debris to make its way into the underbody of the vehicle. Even though this is not an immediate cause for concern, over the lifespan of a vehicle, this can build up and not only cause critical failures, but can cause pre mature wear on exposed components. 

Popular among those who live in the salt belt where road salt and other ice fighting agents are layered onto roads and thrown all over our vehicles, as well as those who take their truck off the beaten path and are more exposed to dirt and mud.  This shield also fills a void left in the rear wheel well for a more complete look and complete styling. 

Sold as a pair. Includes everything for the rear driver and rear passenger side of the vehicle.


Installation Instructions, Rear Debris Shields 


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