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2023+ Sequoia Door Handle Covers

2023+ Sequoia Door Handle Covers

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Compatible with 2023+ Sequoias (3rd Gen) door handles with the touch pads for lock/unlock.

These are intended to fit over your existing door handles utilizing VHB adhesive to hold them in place. These are removable.

These can be used to provide a "Blacked Out" look to your vehicle or to protect your door handles on the trails from pinstriping. These are made to take the beating and to protect the OEM part/paint underneath them.

These covers are compatible with the OEM “LOCK” touch pad on top of the OEM handle as well as the “UNLOCK” touch pad on the inside of the OEM handle  

Material: ABS Plastic

Color: Gloss Black

Sold as a four piece kit.

Install in Minutes. Ensure you are installing the correct cover for the correct handle. 

  • Dry fit the cover over the OEM door handle to ensure the correct fitment.
  • Clean/degrease your door handles.
  • Allow adequate time for them to dry.
  • Remove the backing strip from the VHB adhesive on the backside of the cover.
  • Place cover onto the OEM door handle.
  • Apply Mild pressure for 30 second and release. 
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